7 Tips on How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon in Michigan

There are several reasons why people undergo plastic surgery. But, the most cited reason is to strengthen one’s self-confidence. People may resort to plastic surgery in an attempt to correct a medical or physiological defect were born with, for. Instance, a large nose or small breasts.

They may also just want to improve their general appearance, or reverse the aging process as much as possible. If you are considering plastic surgery, this article will help you find the most qualified plastic surgeon near you

Tip #1: How to Find an Accredited Plastic Surgeon:

Ask your beautician or family doctor to refer you to a good plastic surgeon or nose job specialist in your area. You should trust this person. They should have some kind of relationship with the doctor they recommend (i.e. they are a client of theirs or your beautician’s clients had work done by this doctor).

Tip #2: Check your surgeon Reputation

You want your surgeon to be “board certified,” which means that he or she should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In other words, trained to carry out a full range of plastic and reconstructive procedures. To be board certified, a doctor must have at least five years of approved surgical training.

Click here to see if your doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Make sure you also check their online reputation. Don’t panic if you see a negative review. However, positive reviews should greatly outnumber negative ones.

Tip 3: Check for Disciplinary Actions or Judgments

Make sure your nose surgeon has no previous or current disciplinary actions or lawsuits abuse / judgments against him / her. The best way to check is to visit your state’s medical board. Make sure your rhinoplasty Michigan doctor has a clean sheet.

Tip #4: Before After Pictures

Be sure to check out the before and after pictures of surgical procedures your doctor has performed. The more they have to show you, the better.

Besides enjoying the surgeon’s work, make sure you like him / her personally and feel that you have built good rapport with them.

Tip #5: In-Person Interview

When interviewing a plastic surgeon make sure to ask tough questions of your surgeon and the procedure. Do not be afraid or intimidated, after all you are the one contemplating undergoing surgery and paying for it. If you feel rushed or don’t feel comfortable with he doctor, or if he/she doesn’t patiently and completely answer all of your questions, simply move on.

Tip #6: Ask for References

Ask the surgeon to put you in touch with other patients who have had your same procedure done, and talk to them about their experiences. A good rhinoplasty Michigan surgeon should feel comfortable enough to let you speak to their patients.

Check out the video below by Dr. Shapiro for additional tips.